TLC HealthCare™ Companies

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, TLC HealthCare™ Companies continue to set new standards for quality in healthcare. At TLC HealthCare™ Companies we are excited about the future and continually look forward to improving healthcare in this segment of the healthcare market!

Patient Focused

Decisions begin and end with the patient in mind.

Service Driven

Services are directed toward the care of the patient.


Foster partnerships within and beyond the organization.

Integrity Based

All patient care and business decisions will be conducted in a moral and ethical manner.

Future Oriented

Encourage ourselves and our partners to seek and to identify unique opportunities in the community to

meet the healthcare needs of our patients.


Our family of companies include:

TLC HealthCare™ Quality Improvement Organization
TLC HealthCare™ Wound Specialists
TLC HealthCare™ Consulting
TLC HealthCare™ Medical Group