About TLC

TLC HealthCare™ Companies was founded in 1997 by Scott M Bolhack, MD, MBA, CMD, CWS, FAAP, FACP. Formerly known as Tucson Long-Term Care Medical Group, Inc. the company pioneered the coordination of care approach throughout the healthcare continuum. Tucson Long-Term Care Medical Group, Inc. clinicians and staff offered their services in a variety of settings as the patients’ needs changed. These included private homes, physicians’ office, skilled-nursing facilities, adult care homes, assisted-living facilities and hospices.

Tucson Long-Term Care Medical Group, Inc. and TLC Pain & Palliative Medicine were acquired in 2009 by IPC, a national hospitalist company. The out-patient clinics were assimilated by the Northwest Allied Physicians in 2008. TLC HealthCare™ Companies then began to direct their focus towards new areas in healthcare.

The development of quality improvement measures in conjunction with the years of clinician expertise to assist various entities in improving the outcomes for their patients is the guiding force behind TLC HealthCare™ Quality Improvement Organization. This entity works with skilled nursing facilities, hospices, and medical groups to begin to look at their processes of clinical care through the analysis of clinical data.

Another focus of TLC HealthCare ™ Companies was to further increase the positive outcomes of a patients’ care in a realm of pressure ulcers and other wounds. TLC HealthCare™ Wound Specialists was created to address this need. In conjunction with The Wound Care Center at Northwest Hospital, TLC HealthCare™ Wound Specialists utilizes current best practices for effective wound treatment in the busiest wound center in Tucson.