TLC HealthCare™ QIO

TLC HealthCare™ Quality Improvement Organization Overview

As we enter a new decade, America’s healthcare system and particularly the long-term care system are facing unprecedented challenges as it prepares to properly care for the aging population which is nearing 13% of the total population per 2010 U.S. census reports.

Families struggle with the decision of placing their loved ones into long-term care. The facilities and the care they provide has always been the foremost matter of concern. There are few places to turn for pertinent information on the performance of a chosen facility. Websites with survey data are a starting point; however, they rely on the regulatory agencies that are quite understaffed to enforce the standards of care that are put in place to protect the patient. TLC HealthCare™ Quality Improvement Organization is committed to raising the standard of care for all concerned and not accepting mediocrity as the customary course of care.

Long-term resident care is a reality that is here to stay. Recent technologic advancements have enabled the use of quality assurance assessment forms to help identify key areas of interest. Quality Assurance is the process of consistent data collection and analysis to demonstrate trends and assist the client in identifying projects to improve outcomes for their patients.

TLC HealthCare™ Quality Improvement Organization is an active partner with each of our clients. Implementation of a variety of tools and strategies are tailored to each facility to enhance the patients’ quality of life.

With your initial set-up, a Quality Improvement nurse consultant familiar with your type of facility or project will visit and introduce your staff to our process. The consultant will assist you in report selection and will be able to provide individual counseling/education in areas of concern. We then use our proprietary software package to organize submitted data into formats that are easily interpretable by department managers and employees. Long-term trends are identified for analysis. A clinical consultant will be available during regular business hours for any questions.

TLC HealthCare™ Quality Improvement Organization also recognizes the need for continual education to promote the well-being and esteem of the staff involved with the patients’ needs. We can provide in-services in any area of adult and geriatric care in your facility.